IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT IT IS - IT'S ABOUT WHAT IT CAN BECOME!                                      Dr. Seuss

One of our favorite things to do is to find ways to use vintage and discarded finds.  These birdhouses are the perfect way to do just that.  Once again, thrift stores and garage sales are your best friends when it comes to projects like this.

The base of our houses are made from pails, flower tins, and even an old funnel.  The roofs come from a variety of items...light fixture shades, lantern toppers, lids, and one even gets topped off with a shower head!  Old vintage hooks, wooden and metal casters, knobs, and porcelain insulators become perches.  Most all of the houses sit on metal candy dishes found at the thrift store.

When painting these little homes, they were first sprayed with primer (which in my opinion, is a must) and then painted with outdoor acrylic paint.  This comes in a wide array of colors and holds up very well.  We use our birdhouses inside and out, so this paint is a great choice.  I've always been a fan of Kandinsky's use of concentric circles, so many of the birdhouses are painted with this as the inspiration.  A couple of the houses are painted with a large flower, which was inspired by a chair bought from Moonwater Vintage Market.

The biggest problem with these houses is they are so cute it's hard to let them go!  We have sold several, but a lot have found their way into our homes and gardens.  Each one is unique and adds a little sweetness wherever it lands.



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