The Autumn feel inspired us to get a head start on some fall crafts.  We enjoyed making and displaying our Patriotic Shabby Flags so much, we decided to make one for Autumn

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This month we are so proud to be sharing Live Oak Boutique with you.  This is an online stationery and gift boutique that is owned by Kayla Currier.  Kayla is such a talented and creative young woman.  She has a beautiful and joyful heart and a life that is centered around her love for Jesus.

Live Oak Boutique offers scripture cards, journals, greeting cards, art prints, stationery, bookmarks, printables, and gift sets.  Her beautiful products encourage joy, radiate love and imprint scripture on the heart.  The products from Live Oak Boutique are designed to draw you closer to God and foster loving relationships with the people God has put along your path.

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I wanted this chair to have a bit more umph, so I pulled out my old Decorative Painting books in search of the perfect look.  I chose a piece from Helen Cavin.   Helen was a personal friend of our family and such a delightful and precious lady.

  What a lovely little sweetheart this chair is now!

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You are absolutely going to love Milk House Market and its owners, Liz Gingg and Crystal Moroney!  After spending just a short bit of time with these two ladies, their passion for God, family, and home becomes very apparent.

Milk House Market is all about creating a home you love with unique and inspiring finds.  They offer a variety of farm house décor with a mix of vintage pieces that are simple and timeless.

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If you've read any of our posts, you know our favorite places to shop for our crafting projects are thrift stores. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful thrift store right here in Hereford.  The Hereford Senior Citizens Thrift Store, located at 1306 East Park Avenue, is the local business we would like to share with you this month.

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One of our favorite things to do is to find ways to use vintage and discarded finds.  These birdhouses are the perfect way to do just that.  Once again, thrift stores and garage sales are your best friends when it comes to projects like this.

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We've been seeing these great shabby flags on Pinterest and absolutely love them.  So of course, we felt a need to make one.  These are a wonderful way to use some of those scrap fabrics, ribbons, buttons, etc., you have stored away in your craft room.  We're assuming you hoard those items like we do!

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The local business we are choosing to share with you this month is Lone Star Home & Garden.  Lone Star has been owned and operated by husband and wife, Ricky and Stacie Lloyd, since April of 2003.  It is located at 1302 West Park Avenue in Hereford, Texas.

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We decided this week to share some of the ways we use old and used books in our homes.  Used books are readily available at Thrift Stores and Estate Sales

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This is another fun DIY nest.  It is such a sweet and charming nest.  This is a very inexpensive project and just takes a short amount of time.  This nest was inspired by one we saw in Country Sampler's Rustic Weddings Magazine.

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I find bird nests to be miraculous!  It's absolutely amazing that a little bird with only its beak and instincts can build such an intricate little home...a soft spot to lay her eggs and raise her tiny babies.  I love seeing what the bird finds to make her little home...twigs, leaves, grass, straw...

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, rain is something we always seem to be hoping and praying for.  It's been a very dry year here, but last week, those prayers were answered, and we received the most wonderful two days of rain.  What a Blessing from God!

There use to be this funny little character on greeting cards and posters named Ziggy.  On one of my favorite posters, all you could see was Ziggy's back and he was looking at the most beautiful sunrise.  The words below the picture read, "Go, God, Go!"  That's how it makes me feel when we receive rain...."Go, God, Go!"  Then, "Thank you, God, Thank You!!!"

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Easter is such a wonderful and blessed time of the year.  It’s a time that reminds us of the tremendous love God has for us.  It’s a time of rebirth and renewal.                                                   

This time of year is also when we love to get out the fun and colorful Easter decorations.

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On a Wing and a Prayer

We are so elated to be sharing Glittered Wings' first blog post! It is our hope to bring you lots of fun home decorating thoughts along with seasonal decorating and craft ideas. 

We both love thrift store finds and good junk! Hopefully, we can share with you great ways to repurpose those and incorporate them into your home design. 

Along the way, our blog will be sprinkled with some of our favorite Bible verses and quotes that inspire us. Hopefully, they will be encouraging to you, too.

We came across this poem on the Junk Gypsy's Pinterest site and felt like it encompassed all we wanted to say on this, our first post. 


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